Eccles Outdoor Industry Club

The Eccles Outdoor Industry Club (EOIC) leverages Utah’s vibrant Outdoor recreation industry to deliver experiences that will enhance strategic thinking capacity, build project management skills, and develop unique networks for career advancement.

Strong faculty involvement is central to the EOIC value proposition to our members and ensures that Club activities are connected directly to the Eccles graduate curriculum.

With its emphasis on strategic analysis and project management, the Club is designed to provide value to members regardless of their field of interest; however networking opportunities will be particularly beneficial to those considering a career in the outdoor industry.

Primary Club Activities Include:

  1. On-campus speakers, including faculty-led prep and debrief sessions.
  2. Hosting of an annual case competition for participation at Outdoor Retailer Summer and Winter Markets / hosted by representatives GOED (Governor’s Office of Economic Development).
  3. Outdoor Nation Grant partnership.

Eccles Outdoor Industry Club

October 2015 site visit to Snowbird Ski Resort in Snowbird, Utah. Snowbird is the second-oldest resort in the canyon, right behind Alta. They just implemented a new ticketing system using RFID. This allows money to be pre-loaded on the RFID cards for easy purchases on the resort. It also speeds up the process of getting customers on the ski lifts.

Cover Photo

October 2015 site visit to Wasatch Touring in Salt Lake City, Utah. Wasatch Touring is an outdoor industry retailer. You can buy new equipment or rent from them. They also repair equipment. One competitive advantage Wasatch has over the larger outdoor retailers is that it can get new, innovative products first. The reason for this is because they don’t have to order in bulk. Specialized orders help with testing out new markets.


April 2015 site visit to the DPS (Drake Powderworks Skis) Manufacturing Facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. DPS operates on a Just-In-Time inventory system. They produce high-quality skis, that range anywhere from $600 to $1,300. Their brand-new manufacturing plant is in the reworks and will be completed shortly.

DPS Skis

February 2015 site visit to the Black Diamond Store in Holladay, Utah. IT was a privalege to Learned about their operations, JIT Inventory System, Six Sigma, and here the company is headed in the near future. Black diamond is recognized for premium climbing, skiing, and mountain sports equipment.

Black Diamond

November 2014 site visits to the new Easton Foundation Building, the Easton Technical Products Manufacturing Facility, the Easton Technical Products Office, and  the Hoyt Archery manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. Read more about this experience, from Xan’s perspective, here.

Easton Site Visit

September 2014 site visit to the new Petzl distribution center in West Valley City, UT. Petzl’s roots lie in a passion for exploration. Since its beginnings in caving, this family-owned company’s mission has remained the same: to offer practical solutions that allow people to progress through high-angle terrain and low-light environments. More than 40 years later, Petzl continues to invent products and provide solutions that allow sports enthusiasts and professionals to access some of the most challenging places on Earth, day or night.

Petzl Site Visit