Andre House in DT Phoenix

Volunteering brings a human some sense of gratitude, belonging, and self-worth. There are many words that describe the act of giving. Not in the monetary sense, but more of time spent to help others.

Andre House in downtown phoenix is a meaningful experience. You get to prepare, serve, and clean-up the food you give to the local homeless population. The time spans 4 hours and flies by because you are having fun! I highly recommend it to anyone that would like to do more in this world.

To give of oneself is to respect others. Be that light to someone’s day. Say those few words that make the biggest impact to a random stranger. Don’t forget to always be grateful for what you have and to say “Please” and “Thank you”.

Food Line @ Andre House in DT Phoenix

Preparing Napkins and Silverware

Team Intel @ Andre House in DT Phoenix