39 Of The Most Interesting Facts About Generation Z


The following are facts about Generation Z:

Generation Z  represents 23 million Americans  born between 1994 and 2010. While they haven’t entered the workplace yet, they have a different set of values and beliefs than their predecessors. They were born during the financial meltdown and don’t know a world without the Internet. They will become the most entrepreneurial, conservative, diverse and educated generation in the world. Here is a collection of all research I’ve collected on Gen Z, with more to come soon. They will help you understand what they value, as well as how to hire and sell to them.

Gen Z and the economy

  • Gen Z receive $16.90 per week in allowance or $44 billion a year total. [Mintel]
  • 58% of Gen Z’s are either somewhat or very worried about the future. [JWT]
  • They have a combined buying power of $43 billion and influence an additional $600 billion of family spending. [Chamber of Commerce]

Gen Z values

  • 77% of Gen Z’s are either extremely or very interested in volunteering to gain work experience. [Millennial Branding / Internships.com]
  • 26% are currently volunteering. [Intern Sushi / CAA]
  • 76% are concerned about man’s impact on the planet. [JWT]
  • 79% of display symptoms of emotional distress when kept away from their personal electronic devices. [University of Maryland]
  • 90% would be upset if they had to give up their Internet connection while only 51% would give up eating out and 56% would give up downloading music. [JWT]
  • 84% multitask with an Internet-connected device while watching TV. [Forrester Research]
  • They have more than 10 apps on their smartphone with 10% having more than 40. [Visa]

Gen Z’s as employees

  •  60% want to have an impact on the world with their jobs (compared to 39% of millennials). [Intern Sushi / CAA]

Gen Z students

  • 55% of Gen Z students say that their parents are putting pressure on them to gain professional experience during high school. [Millennial Branding / Internships.com]
  • Nearly 50% of Gen Z students are participating in internships for the purpose of advancing themselves professionally in high school. [Millennial Branding / Internships.com]
  • 64% of Gen Z consider earning an advanced degree as one of their life goals. [Intern Sushi / CAA]
  • 80% of Gen Z’s think they are more driven than their peers. [Intern Sushi / CAA]
  • 50% of Gen Z’s will be unviersity educated compared to 33% of millennials and 25% of Gen X. [JWT]
  • 85% research online and 33% watch lessons online to educate themselves. [JWT]
  • 52% use YouTube or other social media sites for a typical school research assignment. [Pew Research]
  • 60% of Gen Zers say they like to share their knowledge with others online, a sign of collaborative skills. [Wikia]
  • 64% say they contribute to Websites because they like learning about new things. [Wikia]
  • 76% feel that their online experiences will help them reach their goals. [Wikia]
  • 66% say that technology makes them feel that anything is possible. [Wikia]

Gen Z’s as entrepreneurs

Gen Z’s as consumers

  • 55% of Gen Z would rather buy clothes online and 53% would rather buy books and electronics online. [JWT]
  • 64% are more likely than other generations to trust somewhat or completely the content on mobile apps from brands, as well as text messages from brands. [Grail Research]
  • 90% will make sure their parents feel a planned purchase is affordable before going ahead with it. [JWT]
  • 43% said their family influences their purchasing decisions the most followed by friends (35%), friends of friends (23%) and celebrities (10%). [JWT]
  • 64% said their parents pay for them with their credit/debit card. [JWT]
  • 22% of surveyed Gen-Z consumers say they trust somewhat or trust completely posts by companies or brands on social networking sites. [Forrester Research]
  • More than 50% identify themselves as deal hunters. [Cassandra Report]
  • 57%  research products more than they used to before making a purchase. [Cassandra Report]
  • Their favorite items to spend money on are food and drink (36%), going out with friends (32%) and clothes (18%). [Visa]

Gen Z as investors

  • 57% would rather save money than spend it. [The Intelligence Group]
  • 76% spend money on themselves, while 62% save it, 38% spend it on things for friends and family and 10% give it to charity. [JWT]
  • Their top financial goals are buying a car (33%), paying for education (23%) and buying a house (20%). [Visa]



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