Fun Fact of the Day: Ohmmmmm


Fun fact of the day:

Speakers and receivers/amplifiers are complicated. But, not as complicated as you would think. There are three main concepts: pressure (voltage), flow (current) and restriction (impedance, coming from the word impede).

Since voltage or pressure is what moves the current, increasing the voltage pressure should increase the current, assuming the impedance doesn’t change. Decreasing the voltage should decrease the current.

On the other hand, increasing the impedance restricting the flow of current will cause the current to decrease, like turning the water hose nozzle toward OFF. Lowering the impedance is like opening the hose nozzle to allow more flow.

This relationship was analyzed by a fellow by the name of George Simon Ohm a long time ago, and he identified a simple formula that is extremely important in electricity and electronics which bears his name: Ohm’s Law.

Make sure you match up your speakers ohms with the ohms of the receiver/amplifier. If speakers ohms > or < receiver ohms, this will result in weak output and poor tone! :(

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