Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience (MSCE)


Oracle has given me the incredible opportunity to attend this year’s Modern Supply Chain Experience (MSCE) in San Jose, California. It takes place January 25-27 at the San Jose Conference Center.

The Future Supply Chain Leaders Program features over 80 students, from 15 leading U.S. universities: Berkeley, Purdue, Duquesne, PennState, University of Utah, BYU, USC, University of Maryland, Stanford, University of South Carolina, San Jose State, University of San Francisco, University of Washington, University of Kansas, and Arizona State University. Now, being a prior member of the Men’s Basketball Team at the University of Utah, I am not fond of UDub, USC, Berkeley, and ASU attending (only joking). However, this is an amazing feat for the Pac-12 Conference.

The following are thought-leading keynote speakers during the conference: Rick Jewell, Jennifer Felch, Nancy Aossey, Terry Bradshaw, Safra Catz, Cindy Reese, Kimberly Leeper, and Ayah Bdeir. This list of leaders is incredible. It will be great to hear about their thoughts on supply chain and leadership.

Throughout this conference, I expect to gain a lot of knowledge about supply chain and Oracle. I hope to gain a few new contacts along the way.

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