Rohit Aggarwal Data Analytics Professor | Startups | Social media

“I was Xan’s professor for IS 6465 Web Based Applications. This course was quite challenging, and even more so, for Xan since he had no prior experience. However, Xan pushed his limits, put in the effort, and constantly sought my help in order to excel in this course. For his final project, he worked with one other classmate and produced an exceptional finished website, that incorporated all of the course concepts. Furthermore, he went above and beyond the scope of the project and incorporated certain JavaScript and PHP code that was not taught in the course. Xan is a innovative individual with a determination unlike most other master students. He has a pleasant demeanor and collegial. Combination of Finance and IS skills should serve him well in his career.”

April 3, 2016, Rohit taught Xan at the University of Utah – David Eccles School of Business

Bonita Austin Asst. Professor- Entrepreneurship & Strategy Asst. Department Chair Entrepreneurship & Strategy

“Xan Ricketts is one of the brightest and most hardworking strategy students I’ve taught in the past five years. He asks insightful questions, is analytical and detail oriented, but has a great grasp of the “big picture.” He is both a good team member and an outstanding team leader. Xan’s pleasant and professional demeanor made him well liked by his classmates. I recommend Xan highly to any potential employer as he will work hard and add a lot of value to any organization particularly in roles that require strong analytical capabilities, team work or are customer-facing.”

June 3, 2014, Bonita taught Xan at the University of Utah – David Eccles School of Business

Tom Eldredge Partner and Associate Professor

“Alexander is an individual with superior characteristics. He is professional, eager to learn and kind to those around him. I am impressed with his ability to balance his passion for team sports, academics and personal interests. This makes him a well-rounded individual and he excels in all of his endeavors. Alexander is very intelligent and humble. I am proud to know Alexander and I am happy to refer him in the context of a professional business career.”

June 4, 2014, Tom managed Xan indirectly at the University of Utah

Norm L. Parrish Director of Basketball Operations at the University of Utah

“As a member of the University of Utah coaching staff, it has been by good fortune to know and work with Xan for the last three years. Xan is one of the hardest working members of our team and is respected by all of his teammates and coaching staff. Xan exemplifies what an ideal student athlete should be. He [had] the highest GPA on the basketball team and has proven to be organized and reliable as he balances the demanding schedule of collegiate student and athlete. He has been able to do this and succeed at both. Xan has proven to be a leader. Xan is truly an outstanding young man and a valuable teammate. Xan is one of the finest and most dedicated student athletes I have had the pleasure of coaching in my 25 years in this profession.”

July 5, 2014, Norm coached Xan directly at the University of Utah

Lance Howard Financial Management | Detail Oriented | Efficient | Trustworthy | MBA Candidate 2016

“Alexander is extremely prepared and thorough during every project and assignment where we worked together. I always looked forward to working with him on anything, school or business related. I trust him to complete his part of any assignment/project. He is someone that I would want to work with if I ever received the chance. Anywhere he works will absolutely succeed and progress with his positive attitude, thorough work process, and his understanding of business.”

August 18, 2015, Lance studied with Xan at  the University of Utah – David Eccles School of Business

Harry Whitt Student at University of Utah

“Not only did I study with Mr. Ricketts at the University of Utah but I was also a teammate of his on the men’s basketball team and therefore consider myself a previous working colleague of Xan. Xan has all the necessary attributes to be a valuable member to any cohesive and efficient unit or team. As a teammate he proved to be willing to do anything that was necessary to complete a job. He was willing to do the hardest jobs and the most needed of jobs while maintaining an attitude conducive to a healthy team. He is a balanced individual and I can assure any future employer of Xan that whatever they ask him to get done will get done promptly and professionally.
He proves to have the attitude and demeanor of a valuable member to a cohesive team but he also possesses the leadership ability, skill, and analytic ability to be effective as well. In terms of leadership he has a positive impact on the morale of a unit because of his effort, demeanor, and willingness to do what is hardest. Those who work around him notice and respect his effectiveness and willingness to compete in a healthy manner. As to skill, Xan’s grades speak for themselves as he is near a 4.0 student. Any skill needed to complete Xan’s job he either possesses or will possess within a short amount of time. As to his analytic ability Xan has proven to be a very strategic basketball player and student, this skill should translate into any business environment within a short period of time. This is a lot of talk for something that can be summed up in a sentence: Xan possesses everything necessary to be an effective and thriving employee.”

July 29, 2014, Harry studied with Xan at the University of Utah – David Eccles School of Business

Chelsey Carling Hedge Fund Analyst at Strata Fund Solutions LLC

“Xan is one of the most dedicated and ambitious men I know! He is extremely well-rounded and has mastered the art of managing his school work, athletics and social life. He is confident and can build close friendships with anyone he comes in contact with. Xan is the life of the party, but always puts his work first. While I was in school with Xan, he was always the one I went to for help because he knew the material thoroughly. Having Xan as a friend has blessed my life and I know he will be extremely successful if he keeps doing what he is doing!”

July 18, 2014, Chelsey worked directly with Xan at the University of Utah

Luke Strumbell Intern at Student Consulting Initiative

“I had the pleasure to work with Xander in a group for an Accounting class. His work ethic as an athlete transferred directly into the assignments we completed for class and his work was always exemplary. Xander was able to balance the responsibilities of work assigned to him with his obligation as an athlete perfectly. I would highly recommend working with Xander as he was a great team member and proved invaluable to the group.”

June 3, 2014, Luke worked directly with Xan at the University of Utah

Brandon Drake Special Project Manager at Ken Garff Automotive Group

“Xan is an amazing guy! His passion for entrepreneurship and helping others succeed is infectious. Working with him as a board member of the University of Utah Entrepreneur Club was a great experience. He brings joy to every meeting and his laugh can lighten the mood in the most intense negotiation.”

June 3, 2015, Brandon worked directly with Xan at the Entreprenuer Club

Elisa Schvaneveldt Accounting Intern at Sports Mall

“Xan is a dedicated and self motivated individual. I have worked with him over the last several years on group projects and can rely on him to put forth a serious effort. He ensures that every project we have completed is professional and well above the minimum effort required.”

June 3, 2014, Elisa worked directly with Xan at the University of Utah