Snowbird Site Visit

Cover Photo

October 23, 2015- It is always nice to get out of the valley and take a trip into the woods. Snowbird is located 30 minutes from the SLC International Airport. It is a destination resort and isn’t meant for “newbs.” Experienced skiers and snowboarders ride this resort because of the variety of terrain and the 500″ of fresh snow each year. In 2011, the resort experienced its largest snowfall, 776″.

The Eccles Outdoor Industry Club had the chance to visit Snowbird and talk with Jim Powell, the Director of Marketing. One cool thing they changed this year is RFID ticketing. Now, skiers can ride around with an RFID card, instead of using the traditional paper tickets. With this new system, parents can load $200 on the their child’s card and let them go off on their own.


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